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Woo, goon meets [Nov. 23rd, 2011|04:16 pm]
Eve Online

I'm organizing this winter's Eve Goon meet, or 'Goonp' - they have ranged from 20 people to as many as 70 at one summer one. Fairly excited.

if any of you all are around the Wisconsin area, let me know, we can have random spies guests show up. It's the 25th of Feb.

have several people flying in from the coasts, and a number of people are debating the various car, train, etc routes (we are 3 hours from Chicago, so some people may fly into there.

It's a ton of fun to get together and drink with nerds you have stuff in common with. There is always like 1 part internet spaceships, and 1 part social party, and 1 part shy people who try to hide.

Pictures from the last one in 2011 Feb
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why [Jul. 21st, 2011|07:40 pm]
Eve Online

the fuck am I moving to Deklein to be in TNT?

Oh, because TEST is a raging bunch of faggots.

That is all.
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FUCK MONOCLES! [Jul. 13th, 2011|08:20 pm]
Eve Online

[mood |angryArrrrrgggghhhhh]

Fuck monocles! Buy GDN-9 "Nightstalker" Combat Goggles!
Where's the strike?
After 5-6 days of 23,5/7 strike in Jita, with 2000+ local, with hundreds capsuleers attacking "A Memorial to the winners of the Ruevo Aram Riddle Competition, Heinky and Shin Ra of Burn Eden Ruined Monument", with no effect and no response from teh Devs, u can see now 1-2 m8s per hour shooting this piece of rock.
So was it a strike, orly?

I'm not a carebear, but I love disguise too
Quafe t-shorts are so original, u should buy one

yes, i am mad

p.s. Looking Glass Ocular Implant (right/gold) - worth of 700mb on a harddrive, thousands of people cutted frome Eve because of "Shader Model 3 (SM3) support is needed to run this game", more and more lags (even if we forget about stucked Ctrl, warp warp effect, traffic controls and deja vus)
and yeah, apparel prices tells me - "Give us your money, we don't give a fuck, that u cant play eve on your notebooks anymore, just give us ur money"
so i pay money for don't play eve?! cool story bro CCP

edit: right at the moment i made this post Tranq have been shut down LOL
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A broadcast from last night... [Jun. 30th, 2011|08:33 am]
Eve Online

Part of being a good FC, is knowing Eve, knowing how to run a fight, knowing when to POS up etc. And part of being a good FC of GOONS is to herd kittens and amuse them, figure out their fickle ways.

Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until these moons be saved.. I shall wear no crowns and win much glory. I shall live and die in my pod. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher in the shields. I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Swarm, for this night and all the nights to come.

That was one of Vily's broadcasts to get Goons in fleet to shoot a moon. Rather inspired by A Game of Thrones.
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Dear Eve-LJ, how are you? [Jun. 10th, 2011|12:00 am]
Eve Online

bit quiet here lately.

Haven't lost our space hilariously.

Got a NYX.

Zoomed around tonight in a Scimitar, and listen to goons too dumb not to click on horrible porn. OH GOD MEAT CURTAINS.

Then we reinforced someone's pos while they reinforced one of ours, a region away. A trade!

Think I will buy a dread again, on the off chance they become less terrible in the future. buy low, sell high?

How a bout you?
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Reckless Chavs promo video [Jan. 31st, 2011|10:22 pm]
Eve Online

[mood |crazyeve]

I've made new video for my ally, Hi Definition included :)

Inside u can find history of our last war, massive battles, big blobs and realy huge capitals.
Also there are beauty of null sec space, bubbles and turrets.
I hope it would be interesting to all who "been there and done that" and to all who's gonna be "there" too :)

p.s. my friend, who was the firt to see this promo, says that after this video it may seems Eve is actually a good game :)
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FanFest Booked! [Dec. 15th, 2010|04:57 pm]
Eve Online

[mood |excitedexcited]

Booked my FanFest tickets - FanFest for myself, "Sisters of EVE" spouse activities for the other half. Sadly I was a few PLEX short (okay, so maybe I was about 18 PLEX short) so I had to use meatspace money!

It turns out that I'm a "type D" traveller while my spouse is a "type A". The difference between the two?

A type A traveller will set out on a six week holiday with a checklist in hand, watch in the other, and know exactly where they're going to be for every minute of the next six weeks. My partner has already booked (and paid) for dinner at four restaurants along the way (including 58 Tour, in the Eiffel tower). She has planned travel to the point of already having a hire car booked in London for our trip to Stonehenge and then Nottingham, from where we're travelling by train to Paris. We've even been taking French lessons in the hope of getting a little better quality social interaction while in Paris!

Type D travellers arrive at the airport on the day of departure, knowing that their plane leaves "sometime today". I've got a vague idea that I'll be in Reykjavik, London, Paris, Amsterdam and a few German towns. Then I arrive back home in the last couple of days of April.

Now to work on my socialising skills a little. Time to book some training sessions in down the pub :)

Only four months to go!
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Goddamnit, too quiet! [Nov. 7th, 2010|10:59 pm]
Eve Online


Comment! Argue! Don't be a dead group!
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(no subject) [Oct. 8th, 2010|11:41 pm]
Eve Online


This is a game made best by comedy.
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The Fine Art of Posting [Oct. 4th, 2010|01:07 pm]
Eve Online

A thing any Goon (or anyone who has spied on us) will say - is we take our posting very seriously. You can be the best FC in the game, but goons won't follow you if you make terrible posts and hurf and durf in a terrible way on our forums.

Just was reading our war update, from our delightful Scottish Diplo director, and a couple of choice turns of words. (This is about our war with Evoke, a German based corp)

After the efforts of BCA to divert us, we are back to the our God-given task of handing the beastly Hun a damn good thrashing. Frankly, it has been going astonishingly well. Not that this should be surprising: Johnny Teuton is traditionally a strong starter in a war but we British long ago worked out that it basically boils down to choosing America when picking sides before the game and, just as in 1917 and 1944, it's only a matter of time before our goose-stepping enemies are complaining about being outnumbered and surrendering before Berlin gets nuked for a third time. Or maybe that was in Civ 5 I dunno.


Illum right now is filled with excited planning of how we can spend it in the most tasteless and lurid fashions. Maybe we'll reimburse T3 ships! Perhaps we'll offer more incentives for people to fly supercarriers! Or, probably, we'll just pay pubbies to repeatedly jump interceptors into our triple-sensor-boosted hurrican gate camps, in a sort of live-target skeet shooting experience.

Another poster also posted this:

Beat! Beat! Drums!---Blow! Bugles! Blow!
Through the gates---through bridges---burst like a ruthless force,
Into the solemn chatrooms, and scatter the shitposters,
Into the belts where the carebear is ratting;
Leave not the botter quiet---no happiness must he have now with his bot,
Nor the peaceful miner any peace, mining his ore or gathering his cans,
So fierce you whirr and pound you drums---so shrill you bugles blow.

Beat! Beat! Drums!---Blow! Bugles! Blow!
Make no parley---stop for no expostulation,
Mind not the bad poster --- mind not the whiner or griper,
Mind not the bitter vet beseeching the young man,
Let now the newbee's voice be heard, and the mentor's entreaties,
Make even the trestles to shake the dead where they lie frozen by their pods,
So strong you thump O terrible drums---so loud you bugles blow.

This is one reason why we have so many goons who just stick around for the forums....
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